About the Cogent Network

The Server Logistics network is a fully redundant switched Ethernet architecture featuring intelligent routing for blazing fast performance and superior reliability. Our current network topology features a Gigabit (1000 Mbps) connection to Cogent Communications' non-blocking OC-192 national backbone, with a fully independent OC-3 (155 Mbps) circuit featuring high performance bandwidth from Mzima. Network traffic is managed by redundant Cisco routers and switches.

Cogent Communications (http://www.cogentco.com) is the first and only IP data only nationwide network in the country. Running at an unprecedented 80 Gbps, Cogent's dedicated bandwidth is unmatched by any other carrier. Since Cogent has so much capacity, your data does not encounter the "traffic jams" caused by so many other ISPs that overload their networks with more subscribers than they can handle.

Cogent has built it's Layer 3 (data layer) network from the ground up in a series of connected rings. Each ring has two traffic paths, one going East and one going West. If a fiber is cut, the routers detect the cut and reroute the traffic around the ring in the other direction, restoring the communication within 1 second.

The Cogent Network